Saturday, April 10, 2010

Apple and Bose- Love At First Site

Apple and Bose are two of the most elite sought after hardware companies in the world.  The should get married.

Apple is known for making outstanding computer products with a quality user interface.  Bose is known for next generation audio hardware and some of the best speakers in the world.  With such align business models, Bose Speakers would be a great addition to every Apple computer on the markets.  Why don't bother companies join together to create the most ultimate, highest quality consumer technological products.  This could really be a benefit to both companies.

If Bose were to supply Apple with their speakers and headphones, this would be one less thing Apple would have to worry about creating.  They could focus on production the more visual equipment such as monitors, computers, laptops, T.V's, Ipods, Ipads and so on-Without loosing any value in their audio quality.  If anything, Bose speakers on an Apple product would be an upgrade from traditional Apple speakers.  Apple can focus on creating the user interface while Bose can supply and research how to better sound quality on Apple products.

This partnership would also benefit Bose.  To be quite honest and blunt- Bose stinks at marketing.  Everytime I open a magazine, I am sure to see one of those bland Bose Ad's filled with mumbo jumbo.  Like This:


Who wants to read all of that and call some 1800 number?

Look at this Apple commercial:

This is called Marketing.  With Bose providing Apple with high end sound products, and Apple helping Bose market their sound products, this could be a dream team.

Both companies are super innovative in their own specialties.  This partnership would allow both of them to focus in on their specialities.  But who knows? Why not my way?  Steve Jobs only picks partnerships that don't make any sense (cough cough AT&T).