Monday, January 4, 2010

My First Blog-Who Am I?

I will dedicate my first blogpost to describing myself. I have nothing to hide-My name is Sapan and I attend Lehigh University as a Business student. Currently I am in my third year and was born and brought up in Allentown, PA. I wanted to go somewhere fun, exciting and different so I decided to attend Lehigh University all the way in Bethlehem, PA. (sarcasm noted) My parents are from Indian-thereby classify my nationality as Indian and I have 1 sister.

That sums up who I am now I will explain the intent of this blog. Ever since I was a young boy, I have had this talent of identifying inefficiencies in many of the things we do. Somethings in my opinion do not make much sense and are not very practical. Many times a day I find myself asking questions like am I really that stupid or have people not thought this through? I know there are millions of bloggers out there who may or may not have similar discussions about the matters I want to address, but I really want to see if I am the only one who sees the world in a different light. Many times when I explain something to my friends, they tend to agree with what I have to say which means:
1) I am always right
2) They just don't feel like arguing with me
3) They don't know what I am talking about

Speaking of not knowing what I am talking about, you as the reader, probably have no idea what my intent of writing in this blog. I wish to provide daily accounts of something that I have found that is not practical, inefficient, or plain just doesn't make much sense. I wish to see the views of other people to see if they agree or disagree with me-and why.

I tend to be particularly interested in the Tech and Finance sectors but the topics I write about will go past these 2 topics and should describe general issues.